Our core values of innovation, openness, diversity, and sustainability form the foundations of our work, and inspire our designers to continually evolve and push the boundaries of architecture and design.


We are a leading architecture firm based in New York, with an office in Houston and Los Angeles. We have assembled a diverse and multicultural team, around the principle of respect, to deliver new perspectives and boundary-pushing sustainable design for all our clients.
We are recognized and trusted by clients to apply our problem-solving capabilities to deliver across all their functional design needs. We have worked with extraordinary clients such as – Telefonica, Danone, Coca Cola, Chase Bank, Natural History Museum in Mexico City, Memory and Tolerance Museum in Mexico City.
Our founding principles of sustainable, practical, and innovative design guides our practice as our (design) team leverage new tools, technologies, and apply the latest advances in material science to deliver the functional design solutions our clients seek.
Our award-winning work is built on the foundations of collaborative relationships and constructive dialogue with clients, as well as clear communication across the project team throughout the design and construction process, through the delivery of a project.
The combination of our extensive experience with meticulous planning and evaluation ensures that our projects deliver the highest standards for our clients, and create a positive contribution to the community and to spacial needs of the urban fabric to which these projects belong.

Our Approach

As architects we design around the study of space to create better living, working and playful experiences.
To do this we look at the world differently; one in a continual state of motion, where every project becomes a new puzzle to solve.
We solve design problems, by embracing technology, and by applying our extensive design experience to create sustainable, resilient and human centric buildings, places and spaces.
Our study of space and its connection to its users, enable us to design buildings that are meaningful to the lives of those that inhabit them, more joyful those that work in them, and exceed expectations of clients that finance them.