Chase Bank, Albuquerque

Corporate Bank, 2017

A building that uses nature as materials and blends with the environment


This invitation to a competition for a new concept for a Chase Bank in Albuquerque’s natural environment.

In such a unique setting with pristine landscapes and incredible views, we thought it was necessary to respect and preserve as much of the natural elements as it is architecturally possible. The design’s structure is elevated over a body of water just enough to make it seem like it’s floating on air. Using the earth as its primary building material and opening views on all its sides, including the central patio, we can achieve a building that blends into its environment.
Water. The water on which the building floats on creates an atmosphere of different temperature and humidity levels. It also reflects the mountains, the earth, the sky, and the Chase logo. It will also reflect upon the building, its movement as it ripples with wind or rain.
Earth. The extracted soil from the excavation will be reused as the building’s interior walls. Providing again, the feeling of nature even while inside.
Sky. Users are exposed to the sky’s reflection throughout their experience. The exterior entrance and the interior plaza have water to transform the environment and reflect the sky and light that penetrates the roof through a framed skylight.

Facts & Figures






New México


2188 m² / 23,549 ft²

Lead Architect

Ricardo Umansky