Telefonica Movistar

Corporate Building, 2004

Designing for sustainability


We designed this building with space efficiency as the primary consideration. Movistar desired the optimization of usable space and minimize the use of material waste. We achieved this by adopting an orthogonal structure that applies a simple space algorithm, based on flexible modular horizontal and vertical panels in four, eight, and sixteen foot multiples.

The ultra transparent glass was also crucial to the natural feel of the internal environment and the resultant effect on mood and workers’ emotions. The open double height terraces have a triple purpose. Not only to create a natural space for staff to commune, the terraces act as a natural shade during the hottest period of the day, allowing natural airflows and reducing the need for air conditioning.

Finally the terraces combine to form a protective screen to those with vertigo and contribute to the vertical curvature and aesthetics of the structure. As the building rises the one terrace increases to allow senior management a desirable entertainment space.

Our Approach

The signature feature of this building is its unrivaled span, vast open internal space and minimal use of supportive columns. This was achieved through the engineering ingenuity of applying internal vierendeel trusses. This delivered the flexibility for open interior design and enabled us to create a transparent glass lobby free from central supporting columns.

Finally the building houses ten floors of underground parking and offers accessible access at all entry points. The position of the building was created to maximize the heating power of the morning sun and minimize its impact at the height of the day.

Facts & Figures

Key Awards

IMEI National Award, for the Best Building, Mexico 2004


Grupo Icon


Final Completion 2004


Santa Fe, Mexico City


62,000 m² / 667,363 ft²


Arditti + RDT Architects


Architectural Design and Construction Supervision




Arturo Arditti
Paul Czitrom