Venice Bienal 2016

For the second time, the firm SM + RDT Architects has been invited to represent Mexico at the 2016 Venice Biennale of Architecture "Time Space Existence", an event led by Arch. Alejandro Aravena (2016 Pritzker Prize).
Time is a physical quantity with which we measure the duration or separation of events.
Since the appearance of man on Earth, architecture allows time to order, with clearer reference, periods of human history in its past, present, and (why not?) future.
Time is the most precious element that we human beings have on the planet. It is under our control to value it and use it wisely.
As architects and designers, we must take the time to design and bring to reality projects with a high level of responsibility that endure and are valued over time, to grow old with dignity. There are very few projects in the world that are cataloged so that with the passage of time are valued, considered, and judged by future generations.
From our perspective, architecture has an intrinsic inherent energy that has the ability to induce events and a profound impact on social responses.
This distinguishes it from other creative expressions, which is valued and evaluated with the perception of time. Now is the time to focus and design better housing for low-income families.
Space is the meaning of everything around us, and, to different concepts in different disciplines; it generally refers to the physical space.
In architecture, space is the physical area that goes from one created two dimensional idea to a reality in three dimensions.
As architects and designers, it is our responsibility to create and manipulate spaces with the correct proportions to improve the performance of the occupants along with their quality of life.
The challenge is to improve standards and measures in low-income housing, which has usually become only a real estate business, leaving aside improvement and enhancing the of quality of life for these families.
Spaces with correct proportions, lighting, ventilation, and proper furnishing, all together promote a positive psychological change in the occupants.
Technological implementation allows us to live and capture a space, even without having the actual space.
Let’s seek a better space to design decent low-income families housing.
Existence is the concrete reality of any entity. Every human being on Earth aims to search, leave some trace, and their name over time.
The architecture must be designed to be properly evaluated by present and future generations and become part of time in the course of history.
Architects have to seek innovative ideas in forms and functionalities to excel, from the everyday to the extraordinary, and become part of existence in time.